Monday, November 2, 2015

Tips to Starting Your Own Clay Handprint Business

1.  Start your own clay handprint business with good training.  It is important you trust the company you train with.  Check out their testimonial page and how much experience they have in the business. With our training we will take you step-by-step and help you learn at your own pace with our at home training program.  It is not rocket science.  We make it easy and fun for you to learn.

2.  Funding this business is important.  We show you how to start with a small investment and as you make money then reinvest it as you build your business.  There is no need to spend a lot of money on things you don't need.  We started on a shoestring and you can do the same.

3.  Market your business.  We show you how we have marketed ourselves in our own business without spending a fortune.  It is your time and energy that is required to get the word out about your new clay handprint business.   These clay handprint keepsakes sell themselves.  You just need to show them to your markets.  We show you how.

4.  Have fun creating these family keepsakes.  If you want to stay at home and raise your kids while you raise your income then this just might be the ideal business for you.  Let us show you how.  You will be glad you did.