Friday, February 28, 2014

Ceramic Hand & Footprint Business: Create Your Own Dream

I knew after 2 years of attending college that I wanted to be a potter and work in the ceramics field for my profession.  I had started out wanting to be a social worker and I remember my mom asking me how I was going to make a living.  I told her that making pottery was what I wanted to do and I was going to pursue my dream. I would make it work.  My mom's words to me were.. "follow that dream of yours and make it a reality.  You always want to have the kind of work where you get up in the morning and you love what you do."  Wow!  How supportive she was.  She lived to see us live our dream as well.

I met my husband while he was attending Brooks Art Institute in Santa Barbara majoring in ceramics and glass blowing.  Together we came to Morro Bay and set up our pottery studio.  We started showing in galleries, doing shows and knew Morro Bay is where we wanted to be, raise our family and make a go of our pottery studio.  It took real elbow grease and true commitment to stay in business.  We just put one foot in front of the other and went.  We built our business step by step.

When our friends started having babies we made ceramic hand and footprints as gifts.  From that point our lives changed.  This baby and family clay handprint business grew into a major part of our livelihood.  Plus, today we train women worldwide to have their own ceramic handprint business with our learn at home program. 

We followed our dream and danced to our own tune.  After 40 plus years in this fun business we are still making clay handprints and loving it.  We are now making these ceramic prints for families that are second generation. We made our business a reality and this continues to be a dream come true for us.