Monday, October 21, 2013

Children's Ceramic Hand & Footprints: A Fun & Rewarding Business

Second generation having Pawprints taken.
The best part of owning your own children's ceramic hand and foot print business is two fold.  It is fun and rewarding  especially if you like working with babies, kids, families and yes, even pets and you enjoy creating keepsakes for them as well.  This may be the ideal business for you especially if you want to be a stay at home mom too.  You are able to work right from your own home and be with your kids too.

The families and kids you meet in this clay handprint business is what makes it so special.  You are making family keepsakes for them that will last generations and become more valuable with time.  We know this from personal experience. We have been making these baby keepsakes for over 35 years and are now taking second generations prints for families.  How special is this!  We are seeing the kids that we took clay handprints and footprints of when they were babies themselves.   Now these kids are coming in with their babies to have their hand and footprints taken.
This business is a feel good one where you can have fun and make money too.  We know that parents and grandparents spend money on their kids.  Everyone loves these clay hand and footprints and they are the one gift that keeps giving year after year.  It is rewarding to know that you have created such a beautiful keepsake for these families.  Truth be told:  these ceramic prints capture a moment in time and become priceless.  This is one feel good business to have.