Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ceramic Handprint Business: A tip for organizing your time

Taking clay handprints is a family tradition!
Organizing your time so that your daily schedule works best for you is very important.  We know from personal experience of being in this baby's and family ceramic handprint business for over 35 years just how essential this can be for you.

One tip to making your life easier with regard to setting appointments for clients is to choose the days you are free and to set each appointment 30 minutes apart.  This way you have time to work with each family individually and give them the attention they will need and want.  Plus, you won't have other clients waiting and making you feel pressed for time.  You will have time to work with your client, take their clay hand and foot prints, explain to them how you get their prints back to them, accept payment, etc. and with ease. 

Setting your appointments 30 minutes apart from each other will condense your time and allow you work comfortably.  While your appointments may only take 15 minutes, you will be able to talk freely with your families, make sure your book work is in order and most importantly not feel pressured.

If a client calls you on the same day for an appointment allowing 30 minutes per client will also enable you to fit another family in just in case.  

When your clients call be sure to ask them to come at times that are right for you.  Schedule them one after the other so that you make the most of your time as well.  If your first appointment is at 10 in the morning, set your next one at 10:30 and so on.  Most clients will attempt to accommodate your schedule when you have open times. 

Scheduling your appointments for each family 30 minutes apart will help organize your time, make your life easier and help create a stress free schedule that will work for you.