Thursday, July 11, 2013

Key Points To Having A Successful Ceramic Hand Print Home Business

Having fun taking baby clay handprints
In starting and running a successful children's ceramic handprint business there are some key skills that are absolutely necessary for your success.  It is from our 40 plus years of being in this ceramic handprint business that we know these skills are so fundamental.

First:  Making a good first impression is so important.  As simple as it sounds, your appearance makes a difference in how people respond to you.  Be sure that you present yourself in a professional manner and groomed well.  You will see that your clients will respond to you in a much more positive manner when you take time to do so.

Second:  Make sure that you have a positive attitude when dealing with your clients.  No matter what the situation, deal with it as a solution not a problem.  Your clients will appreciate that you want to make it right for them.  Run your business with a smile.

Third:  Be friendly and generous.  Offer a discount to return customers or a gift certificate to your local hospital.  Donate to your time to local community events.  Be involved.  This will come back to you ten fold.

Fourth:  Be accountable and responsible to yourself and your clients.  Take action that exceeds your customer's expectations.  If you say your prints will be done in a specific amount of time, be sure that you deliver them on or before they are expected.

Running your business responsibly and with these fundamental skills can create loyal clients that will come back year after year and for generations.