Saturday, January 8, 2011

Managing Your Time With Your Clay Handprint Business

Having your own business merits you many benefits. One huge benefit is that this clay handprint business allows you to stay at home and create a very flexible work schedule for you and your family. What you want to do is plan your time well and this entails organization and being responsible.

Managing your time will help you achieve all your goals with the setting up and running of your new home business. Create a schedule that will work for you. If your free mornings are on certain days of the week, keep that time open for your business. If you take your kids to pre-school, after you drop them off this would be a great time to make your appointments with your clients. Scheduling will be easy. You can schedule your appointments one after the other on days that work for you. You can visit your sites as well on the days that your kids are in school. You can be done with all your appointments in time to pick up your kids and get them lunch or take them to their soccer games, etc. When they nap is another time to get some work done that needs to be tended to. At night might be a great time as well to get to work on your prints and paperwork. Your kids are sleeping and there is a period of quiet time for you to have to get things in order and complete your day's work on your clay handprints.

Make sure you take some time for yourself and well as your kids during the day. You don't want all work and no play or rest for yourself. This hand and footprint business truly allows you to have a very flexible work schedule that works best for you and your family. Like anything else to be successful, it does take a daily work plan. However, with a plan that you create to fit your own schedule it will be easy to stick to, plus this business is fun and profitable too.