Sunday, November 18, 2007

Benefits of this Ceramic Baby Hand Print Business

The benefits of this clay handprint business are many. It is a perfect fit for mom's wanting to raise their income while they stay at home with their children. This business can be creative, flexible, fun and profitable. Plus, with our two training options, it's easy to learn. These ceramic handprints are the perfect family gift and keepsake. Everyone wants one.

This ceramic baby hand print business allows you to set your own hours, work from home, and take your business to your clients. No storefront is needed. Your start up costs are low. The learn at home training program is $849.00 and delivered right to your door step. This includes our step-by-step instruction DVD and comprehensive manual. Our in studio personalized 3 day, 12 hour, one-to-one hands on training program is $6000.00. Plus, both training programs come with personalized technical support.

Because we are not a franchise, there are no royalty or franchise fees. You are able to run your business as you wish. The best part of this baby handprint business is these ceramic impressions sell themselves and generate repeat business. Our 34 years of being in this business will jumpstart your business by decades. No experience in clay is necessary, and we show you how you can do this! The families and kids are a great clientele to work with. With our instruction, business plan, and marketing plan, we show you how to successfully get your baby and children's clay handprint business successfully up and running.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Building Your Ceramic Handprint Business Slow and Steady

The beauty of this ceramic handprint business is that you are able to start small and grow your business at a pace that is right for you. You are able to build your business from your local resources, family, friends, networking, and word of mouth. As you branch out to marketing your self to preschools and daycares you will be making more money. As you make more you can invest more and buy more as you go.

By starting small you will be able to organize your business: get your cards and brochures out. These can be inexpensive. You can make your own or have an inexpensive copy and print shop do them for you inexpensively. In addition, you can team up with other businesses in related fields to create good relationships with and network with them. You don't need to spend lots on advertising. You will be surprised at how word of mouth and putting your cards out in the community will bring you business. Just having one person see these baby handprints will generate more business for yourself.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Choosing a Home Base Business

There is a lot of thought that goes into selecting a home base business idea that is right for you....

In general, many people consider how much money they want to make, what they have experience at, and what they enjoy. It is always wise to focus on what you enjoy - since that would bring the most satisfaction to you and your family.

We offer a proven successful baby handprint business opportunity that is creative and fun to do, has great training, and the potential for great profit. Ours is a simple business package that paves the road to success! We offer two training options: our easy to follow Home Study Program, or our personalized in studio training.


When I started out my ceramic business I had to consider:

  • Would I enjoy this work?
  • Would I be able to make a living at this?
  • How would I be able to market myself?
  • Would my schedule be flexible so that I would be able to be home with my daughter?

Making these ceramic baby handprints allowed me to have a flexible schedule to set my own hours, work from my home and studio, meet truly nice people, and have time for my family as well. It has proven to be very profitable, fun, and rewarding in all ways.

This baby and children's handprint business has been a win-win situation for myself and my family. This business allows me the freedom to spend quality time with my family, and make money at the same time, as well as continue to make my ceramic sculptures. Plus, I love making these ceramic impressions for families! They are personalized handmade keepsakes that they treasure for a lifetime and more!