Sunday, November 21, 2010

Building Loyal Customers For Your Clay Handprint Business

Builiding loyal customers is the key to repeat business. What has allowed us in part to have our business for the past 36 years is the excellent customer service we offer our families that have their kids clay handprints made. We are now creating handprints for second generations. We have built our business by making each client feel special. It is our policy to let each family know how much we appreciate their business and to take time with them. We do special things for our clients. For instance, we gift wrap every gift certficate and take the time to personalize each one. We have customers come back for these baby gifts just because of the unique handmade gift wrap that we do. If a parent isn't sure how the print is going to look, we take the time to draw the hands on paper in different ways so they can choose what they want. This way they can see it and this gives them a choice. We often will take a late appointment for those clients that work all day and want their family to come with them in the evening. We offer a discount on large orders. This is always helpful to their wallets. We go out of our way to personalize our business to show our clients that they are most important to us. Being good to your clients is what will have them be coming back to you year after year. Go the extra mile, spoil them and you will create loyal customers for generations.

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